Plenty to Experience on Fyn

Fyn is called Denmark’s Garden because of its picturesque scenery. Just around the corner from Barslev Gamle Præstegård, you can enjoy a hike in Wedellsborg forest or take a stroll on Føns beach, which is just 4 km away.

The areas vast history can be seen in the antiquities that add to Fyns natural beauty. History buffs will enjoy the many manors and castles and will not want to miss a trip to Egeskov Castle. A drive or cycle in the countryside will reveal beautiful landscapes dotted with small quaint villages. Old churches can be found in almost every small village.

Cycle enthusiasts will find many kilometers of small quiet roads to explore. The closest golf course is an 18hole course near Middlefart, only a 15 minute drive away. It is an exciting seaside course, including both open and protected areas. There are great views of both the Fænøsund and Lillebælt, throughout the course.

There are several Put & Take lakes within a 15km radius. There is also a saltwater Put & Take only a short distance away.